The Brand

High End Junkie (HEJ) - It’s only fitting that a brand with the name High End Junkie (HEJ) has garnered a devoted following of celebrity fans and admirers.  It is becoming one of the most sought-after street wear brands, having craved itself a unique niche in the fashion market.  

This project is the brainchild of Q. Hudson, who does not consider herself a fashion designer, but merely a visual artist using a new canvas. The brand officially launched in 2013, and features 1:1 custom hand-painted apparel & accessories. The bold & bright colors and fabric options are carefully selected in an attempt to distinguish the brand amongst an over-saturated market of brands relying on black & nude colorways. 

In the "White Lines" collection, pieces are marked in bold fonts with verbiage such as "Junkie," "Addicted to Luxury," "Creme de la Creme," "Good Addictions Only" "This is Fashion" and "Handcrafted"

JUNKIE: A person with an insatiable craving for something.

"The word play behind the brand name is not meant in a derogatory way at all. It's our goal to encourage people to focus on GOOD ADDICTIONS ONLY. Having an addiction to the finer things in life should push you to be the best, and allow you to set yourself up to be in a position to attain and maintain the lifestyle you desire"

This brand is for anyone who desires a top-of-the-line look while maintaining their street cred,” says Q. Hudson.  “It is a mind set with no age or socio-economic limits."

HEJ is still intentionally exclusively available online, and through pop-up events across the country. The idea is to keep the brand exclusive and direct-to-consumer for as long as possible to maintain quality, but avoid higher prices.

The brand has recently experienced record growth, and more international support due to it's heavy online presence and celebrities such as NBA Champion Iman Shumpert, Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, The Game, Blac Chyna, Dawn Richard and Dej Loaf being spotted in pieces from the collection.